Enabling success through effective communication

Clear. Articulate. Passionate. Authentic. The ability to communicate well is a manager’s most vital trait. And despite technology and our ever-increasing online presence, face to face communication remains the most compelling form of human interaction. Yet as managers of people we spend, and are afforded too little time to develop the skills needed for effective communication. Relating to our listeners is the starting point to engage others successfully. Effective communication begins with a plan and ends with our giving our best to every audience, large or small, every time. We can always improve our communication proficiency. And, speaking frankly we have little choice.

Who Are We?

Birch & Associates Limited has worked with executives from some of Australia’s and the world’s largest organizations since 1992. Using well proven methodologies, Birch & Associates is able to foster and help develop effective communication techniques with its clients. Our aim is always to maximize our client’s personal effectiveness as leaders and communicators, and to ensure they can be their own personal “model of excellence”, even in the most challenging circumstances.